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Places to Visit in Darjeeling

Places to Visit in Darjeeling

Darjeeling best Hill Station destination to visit in India. The name ‘Darjeeling’ came from the Tibetan words, ‘dorje’ meaning thunderbolt (originally the scepter of Indra) and ‘ling’ a place or land, hence ‘the land of the thunderbolt’. Darjeeling is the Queen of the Hills. Scenic view of Kanchenjunga is a treat for the eyes. Darjeeling Himalayan Railways-UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee inscribed DHR as a World Heritage Site on 5th December 1999. Apart from this there are various Places to Visit in Darjeeling.

Tea Tourism-Tea and Darjeeling are synonymous. Darjeeling Tea is world renowned for its flavour, which is unequaled by other tea producing areas not only of India but also of the world. Darjeeling still manufactures the tea by the original methods known as the ‘orthodox’ method.

Trekking and adventure in Siwalik Himalayas like the Sandakphu is one of the most popular reasons to visit. Darjeeling hill areas are unique from environmental Eco-perception. The Hill areas of Darjeeling District are located within the Lesser and Sub – Himalayan belts of the Eastern Himalayas.

Planning for Holidays in Darjeeling?
Darjeeling is a best destination to visit in winter. Winters are very cold, however, if you don’t mind chilly weather, you can still go there. There are various Places to Visit in Darjeeling while your Holidays.

Here are the list of Places to Visit in Darjeeling while your vacation trip:


Tiger Hill Situated at an altitude of 2590 meters and 13 km from the town, this spot has earned international fame for the magnificent view of the sunrise over “Kanchenjunga” and the great Eastern Himalayan Mountains. Even Mount Everest, the world’s highest peak, is also visible from here. It is one of the most visited spot in Darjeeling. You can capture the entire panorama between Mount Everest and Kanchendzonga. Tiger Hill is among the top Place to visit in Darjeeling.

Places to Visit in Darjeeling-Tiger Hill
Tiger Hill – Darjeeling


A paradise for nature lovers, the Batasia Loop is specifically known for its spiral of a narrow gauge railway track on the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway where the Toy Train makes a complete loop around a wonderful circular garden. Railway Loop is feat of engineering 5 kms from Darjeeling, is a marvellous feat of engineering. It is fascinating to watch the toy train  round the loop. Tahe town and glorious view of snowy peak can be seen from here. The War Memorial constructed in the memory of brave sons of Darjeeling who died in different wars since 1947.

Places to Visit in Darjeeling Batasia Loop
Batasia Loop |


Bhutia Basti Monastery was originally a part of Sikkim’s Phodang Monastery under the Nyingma School of Tibetan Buddhism and was transferred to Darjeeling from Sikkim in 1879 and was built by Lama Dorjilingpa after whom this city was named. The Monastery was established originally on the present site of the Observatory Hill which got destroyed during the Gorkha invasion in the 19th century. Post this war, the monastery was moved to its present location – the construction of which was undertaken by the Chogyal of Sikkim. Even in its present location in Bhutia Basti, the monastery was subject to an earthquake in 1934 which caused great damage to the structure.

Places to Visit in Darjeeling Bhutia Busty
Bhutia Busty Monastery


Japanese Peace Pagoda is located on the slopes of the Jalapahar Hill the pagoda can be reached by foot or on taxi. The Shanti Stupa was established by Nipponzan Myohoji, a Japanese Buddhist order. It also showcases the four avatars of the Buddha.

This stupa was constructed during 1972-1992.There is a buddha temple and a pillar. After the temple there is the beautiful stupa (Pagoda). The stupa is located at significant height and beautiful views of the surroundings and mount Kanchanjunga is visible from here. This is one of the best places to visit in Darjeeling.

Places to Visit in Darjeeling Japanese Peace Pagoda
Japanese Peace Pagoda


The largest monastery in Ghoom, which was built in 1875 by Lama Sherab Gyatso and belongs to the Gelug sect, the Ghoom Monastery is one of the major Buddhist pilgrimage places in Darjeeling district. Ghoom Monastery is the popular name of the Yiga Choeling Monastery located at Ghoom at an elevation of 7,000 feet, 8 km from Darjeeling. The monastery belongs to the Gelukpa or the Yellow Hat sect and is famous for its 15 feet high special statue of the Maitreya Buddha.


Walking through a tea garden on the gentle hill slopes of Darjeeling and seeing the tea processing is always a special experience. And a great way to experience this is by visiting the Happy Valley Tea Estate which is located about 3 kms (1.8 miles) away from Chowk Bazaar area. The approach is through a narrow winding downhill road which is quite steep. There are some points on the way from where the mountain vistas are simply spectacular.


Mirik is a tourist spot nestled in the serene hills of Darjeeling district in West Bengal, India. Mirik has become a popular tourist destination for its climate, natural beauty and easy accessibility. The centre of all attraction is the Sumendu lake, surrounded by a garden on one side and pine trees on the other and linked together by an arching footbridge called Indreni Pull (Rainbow Bridge).

Another attraction of Mirik is its 5 acres of plain land with a natures gift, Samendu Dhap. In Mirik silver-white peaks of Kanchenjunga are clearly seen from Ramitedandra (mountain top). Ramiteydara, sunrise and sunset are really beautiful.


Kalimpong is a sleepy little town that is situated at an altitude of 1,200 m and at a distance of 50-odd km to the east of Darjeeling. It was once the hub of the trans – Himalayan trade between India and Tibet-merchants used to ferry goods by mule caravans over the Jelep La Pass on the Sikkim-Tibet border. The name of this town has historic significance. Kalimpong was once the headquarters of a Bhutanese Governor. The word “kalim” stands for “the King’s minister” and the word “pong” means “stronghold”; hence “Kalimpong” means “the stronghold of the King’s minister”. River rafting at the Teesta River can be done. Drive time is apprx. 1 hr. 10 mins. From the retreat.


Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park is also known as Darjeeling Zoo is the only specialized Zoo in the country and is internationally recognized for its conservation breeding programmes of Red Panda, Snow Leopards, Tibetan Wolf and other highly endangered animal species of Eastern Himalaya. It specialises in breeding animals adapted to alpine conditions, and has successful captive breeding programmes for the snow leopard, the critically endangered Himalayan wolf and the red panda.

Places to Visit in Darjeeling Darjeeling Zoo
Red Panda


Darjeeling Himalayan Railway (DHR), popularly known as the ‘Toy Train’ is one of the main attractions of the region. The track on which the train runs is only 600 millimeters wide. The size of the train is commensurate giving it the name ‘Toy Train’. Narrow Gauge trains are used in parts of India to travel to hill stations. The most magnificent train journeys through the narrow gauge are the gorgeous terrain. UNESCO has declared the DHR as a World Heritage Site.

Places to Visit in Darjeeling Himalayan Railway
Toy Train – Darjeeling Himalayan Railway

This are the top 10 Places to Visit in Darjeeling which you can visit with your family while on Vacations. Darjeeling is the best destination to visit in India. Darjeeling beckons thousands today for a leisurely respite from the bustle of the madding crowd. The traveler – whether a tourist or a trekker, an ornithologist or a photographer, a botanist or an artist – will find in Darjeeling an experience which will remain etched in one’s memory – forever.

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