Things to pack while travelling in Monsoon

Things to pack while travelling in Monsoon

The right tools in your bags will help you enjoy vacations during monsoon.

Before going on a trip during rainy season, it is important to carry the right tools and instruments to save your belongings like cellphone and wallet from soaking. Its very important to pack your bag precisely while you are travelling in Monsoon Season. Mostly People tend to travel in Monsoon as hotels and flights are cheaper, and less traveler volume means you share the tourist trail with less people. Most of you also travel to enjoy Hill Station, Waterfall locations to explore green and foggy Mountains.

To enjoy your monsoon vacation you need to carry or pack following items.

1. Arm yourself with an umbrella or raincoat. A waterproof backpack is a must-have while travelling in Monsoon Season.

2. Always carry a zip lock bag. It regards keep the wallet and other costly things protected also like the cell phone and perhaps different types of gear like camera and focal points.

3. It is the season when mosquito-borne diseases are rampant with stagnant puddles and blocked drains everywhere. So its important to Carry mosquito repellents, mosquito net or other creams for night time.

4. In Monsoon Season its always good to carry own water, otherwise, drink only boiled water. The same goes for food, don’t eat from just anywhere. Street food is extremely difficult to say not to, of yess then make sure it is cooked in Hygienic place and is covered.

5. Carry light clothes that will dry easily. Also carry Plastic bag to keep vet Clothes.

6. Floaters and sandals are the best options in terms of footwear.

7.  Always carry a first-aid box in case of an emergency. The probability of catching cold and falling sick during the rainy season is more than during any other time of the year.

8. While going on adventure Trek its important to keep a flashlight. Don’t rely on the phone’s flashlight.


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